Moroccan Contemporary Lights

Find here the largest selection of Moroccan contemporary lighting fixtures including modern Moroccan lamps, Contemporary Moroccan lanterns, Modern design Moroccan pendant lights, Moroccan wall sconces, Moroccan wall lights, Moroccan ceiling lights, oversized Moroccan chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, contemporary Moroccan recessed Lighting, Moorish track system lights and much more. Our Modern Moroccan lights are traditionally handcrafted in Morocco using top quality materials including solid brass, copper, nickel. Our skilled artisans uses traditional jewelers tools such as jewelers saw known in Morocco as Sarouj saw to cut intricate and complex Moroccan geometrical patterns, Moorish Arabesque floral patterns on solid brass then silver soldered for longer lasting welding. Our contemporary Moroccan lighting fixtures are professionally wired for indoor, outdoor use and are UL approved.


Contemporary Moroccan
Hanging Lanterns


Contemporary Moroccan
Wall Sconces


Contemporary Moroccan


Contemporary Moroccan


Contemporary Moroccan 
Ceiling lights


Contemporary Moroccan
Pendant Lights


Contemporary Moroccan
Recessed Lighting Covers


Contemporary Moroccan
Outdoor Lighting


Contemporary Moroccan
Tea Lights

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HANDCRAFTED BY SAINT TROPEZ BOUTIQUE.jpglimited 20 years warantyGreen-energy-lightingMoroccan lighting UL Standard UL Listed


Whether you are an interior design, architect, developer, contractor, builder designing or decorating your home, hotel, restaurant, lounge, resort, Spa, yacht, commercial building or restoring a Spanish colonial revival historic building, we will help you achieve your Moorish architecture and Moroccan style design dreams.
We do ship worldwide from our workshop in Casablanca, Morocco to UAE, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Marshall islands, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Jebel Ali, Al Rahba, Al Hamra, Doha, Al Manamah, Ar-Rifa, Sharjah, Muscat, Jordan, Doha, Sohar, Damascus, Manamah, as-Salimiyah,  Ras al Khaymah, Beirut, Bahamas,Turks & Caicos Islands, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Tel Aviv, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sharm el Sheikh, Petra, Turkey, Amman, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Copenhagen, Zurich, Greece, Necker Island, US Virgin islands, British Virgin Islands, Belize, the Caribbean, New Providence, Marbella, the Maldives, Barbados, Anguilla, Seychelles, Turtle Island, Fiji, Cayo Espanto, Vatulele Island, Moscow, Russia, Saint Petersburg, and much more.

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