Frequently Asked Question(s)

  • What is ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC?
    ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC is a manufacturer, designer, and distributor of High-end Moroccan arts & crafts  and Moroccan architectural elements.
  • Are you open to the public?
    Yes we are open to the public Monday - Thursday from 8:00am - 5:00 pm. Our store visits are by appointment only, therefore we suggest you to call or email us and schedule a store visit.
  • Does ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC offer interior design services?
    Yes we do offer interior design & Moroccan architecture services
  • Is ST. Tropez Boutique,LLC a retail store?
    Yes, we are retail store located at 25 Evelyn way, San Francisco, CA 94127
  • Can I purchase from your retail store?
    Yes you can, however the stock products are available in limited quantities
  • Is ST. Tropez Boutique,LLC a Moroccan Bazzare store?
    No, We are not
  • Is ST.Tropez Boutique ,LLC a Moroccan furniture store?
    No we are not but we occasionaly sell some Moroccan home decor products
  • What makes ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC different from the other Moroccan stores?
    Unlike the majority of the other Moroccan stores, ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC manufacture most of its products in its own workshops in Morocco. Our products are custom handmade from top quality materials by mastercraftsmen. Unlike the other Moroccan stores in the U.S.A and abroad we do not purchase wholesale from Moroccan Bazzares & Artisans in Marrakech & Fez and ship containers of cheap Moroccan home decor "Junk" and sell them online or in retail stores for so cheap. ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC do keep limited quanity products in stock, but the majority of ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC products are custom made to order. ST.Tropez Boutique,LLC  Manufacture and sells high-end Moroccan arts & crafts including Moroccan tiles, Moroccan lighting, Moroccan furniture, Moroccan carved wood doors, Moroccan tents and much more. Here at ST.Tropez Boutique, Quality, Unique products, and excellant customer service are our promiss.
  • Can I purchase products online from
    No, we do not offer online shopping
  • Do you offer custom  work?
    Yes, we do
  • I like couple of your products found at, how can i get a quote?
    You may fill out customer inquiry form  or call our customer service at (415) 513-5920
  • What happens when i place my order?
    we will process your order once we receive the payment. Depending on the size of your order, you should expect a delivery in approximately 90 days sometimes longer depending on the size of the order.
  • Does Moroccan mosaic tiles "Zillij tiles" require Moroccan tile artisan to install them?
    Not really, Our Moroccan mosaic tiles comes pre-mounted into 12" x 12' x 1/2" sheets for easy intallation by any one.
  • Are Moroccan mosaic tiles durable?
    Of course they are durable, and if they were not they won't last so many centuries in Al- Hambra palaces in Moorish Spain and in so many homes and palaces in Morocco.
  • Are your lighting fixtures UL-LISTED?
    Yes, our Moroccan lighting fixtures are UL-LISTED upon requested

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